Leisure, holidays, cars, equipment… How can I maintain my purchasing power over the long term? How can I empower myself to achieve my goals? What is the best strategy to increase my income? It is clear that the crisis we are currently experiencing will reduce our standard of living and even more that of future generations. Most of us have only one source of income consisting of our (only) job and the sums received as social transfers.

In addition to our (main) job, it is interesting to have other sources of complementary income both to increase our savings rate and secure our income. However, many are those who neglect the opportunities to create an additional income for lack of time and information. Multiple sources of income are indeed possible, and here is an overview of some of them.

Multiple sources of income are possible.

  • Stock dividends or bonds
  • Rents (physical real estate, parking etc.).
  • Forex trading
  • Second job (in auto-entrepreneur, for example).
  • Private lessons and small jobs.
  • Copyrights
  • Affiliate marketing, blog and sale of products.

The non-exhaustive list above represents the vast majority of secondary income that can be obtained.

Note that this list contains passive income, which could be described as investment income, and active income corresponding to other work.

Rental, stock market investments and Forex trading require a certain skill, but nothing is impossible. When it comes to Forex, always read brokerage reviews such as HubbleBIT review to see what are the trading conditions of the specific broker.

As far as rental investments are concerned, buying on credit if done while young, provides an additional income that is often comfortable in your past forties.

Having a second salaried job is a little more complicated because it is legally difficult. However, the status of auto-entrepreneur allows you to have a second activity declared with a reasonable level of tax, subject to respecting the clauses of your employment contract.

Small jobs also represent an interesting alternative for those who do odd jobs or have a good level of study; it is possible to sell its services, which provides immediate remuneration. Also, don’t forget any state, region, or city benefits you may be eligible for.

It is also clearly doable to earn money via the internet with hard work and passion for those who want it. The hourly wage is not necessarily profitable (well below a minimum wage), but it is an independent source of income. In addition, it allows you to learn new skills that can be used in a future job.

Besides, all this allows you to gain a little more self-confidence and new perspectives. You will also see the world as an ocean of opportunities rather than a very compartmentalized space.

Finally, remember that the average daily income in the world per inhabitant is $2 and that for some, there is no possibility of work (overpopulation compared to supply). All this aims to encourage you to diversify your sources of income and show you all the income possibilities that exist.