Warehouse equipment is the crux of optimally functioning warehouses. Without them, your warehouse will not run as smoothly as it could, and you could be wasting a lot of unnecessary time, money, and resources for no reason. This article will highlight some of the essential pieces of warehouse equipment you could be using in your business, including pallet trucks, electric forklifts, storage systems, and general facility equipment.

Storage Sytems

The best thing you can do for your warehouse is to implement an organised storage system that allows you to store your products efficiently and guarantee easy access. This can include pallet racks, cantilever racks, industrial shelving, and flow racks.

These particular storage facilities can store both light and heavy inventory on the floor or suspended shelves. Whether your products are large and bulky or small and can be lifted easily by hand, there are many types of storage racks available that can suit any of your needs.

Warehouse Management System

A warehouse management system is another piece of warehouse equipment that can help with optimal functionality and ease of working, as the system will specifically pinpoint the location of a particular item in your warehouse and help you to find it much easier. You could opt for a cheaper manual system, which requires you to physically input the locations yourself, or an automated barcode system which uses product barcodes to store information about the location of the product.

Barcode management systems are slightly pricier, but they’re worth it to help your warehouse run more efficiently and reduce the time you and your colleagues spend trying to locate an item.

Lift Equipment

Certain products cannot be lifted by hand, and particularly weighty pallets can be difficult to move with manual pallet trucks, which is why electric lift equipment including pallet trucks and forklifts can be invaluable pieces of warehouse equipment. Electric pallet trucks and forklifts can easily transport heavy loads with a limited risk of injury or product damage. Safety is key in warehouses, and electric lifting equipment can help discourage safety hazards in your warehouse.

Electric lift equipment can not only help to move heavy loads around your warehouse, but it can also help to lift heavy loads high into the air. So, if you have a rack that extends upwards of 20 feet in the air, an electric forklift can help you reach those heights and safely place your pallet trucks where they need to be without risk of injury to your employees.

Dock Equipment

Traversing your dock with heavy equipment can be a serious health hazard, so implementing dock equipment can help to reduce the risk exponentially. You could choose dock plates to bridge the gap between loading docks and trailers, a yard ramp, or dump hoppers. Whatever you choose to implement in your warehouse, these pieces of warehouse equipment will help with the operations of your warehouse and keep your colleagues safe.

Bins & Containers

Although often forgotten, the organisation of your warehouse is key to ensuring top functionality and saving time in your facility. For this reason, some of the best pieces of warehouse equipment you can use are bins and containers. You could opt to use bins, totes, bulk boxes, or wire mesh baskets to organise your goods, all of which are suitable for varying types of products.


PPE is some of the most valuable warehouse equipment you can invest in. Keeping your colleagues safe in what could be a dangerous setting is integral to ensuring your employees remain safe while on the premises. They can include hard hats, anti-fatigue mats, safety signs, or fluorescent clothing for their work clothes. These things will help keep them safe, visible, and informed while in your warehouse.

Packing Equipment

When it comes to the fluidity of your warehouse, packing equipment can help to improve the efficiency of your warehouse exponentially. Some examples of this equipment include industrial scales for weighing products on pallets, stretch wrap machines to wrap your large pallets in protective film, packing tables for sorting, stacking, and packing, and band equipment for storage and shipment.

These things will increase the productivity of your warehouse and get your products on the move far faster.