In today’s ‘always on the go’ world, many people are struggling to cope with uncertainty, emotional distress, and anxiety. The daily challenges we face are making uneasiness a normal part of our lives. Anxiety can severely inhibit your daily routine, especially if it is not resolved immediately. When you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, experts recommend using certain toys or objects that may calm your nerves. These ‘calm strips’ are essentially sensory stickers for anxiety and they are incredibly effective.

With That In Mind, We Are Going To Take A Look At Some Of The Best Ways To Reduce Anxiety:

Fidget Strips- with their small sizes, fidget strips, or calm strips, are appropriate for use in the office, classrooms, and study areas. The peel-off adhesive makes it easier to attach the strip to any surface, such as on the work desk, on your laptop, or on the back of your smartphone. The raised rubbery nubs will satisfy your fidgety urge to scratch a textured surface. Fidget strips are affordable and you can attach them at many different places at your home or workplace. They are sold in assorted colours, so you can choose the most suitable strips for any surface.

Sensory Stickers- sensory stickers are durable, thin vinyl with adhesives on the back. They can soothe your fidgeting desire and near-constant anxiety. Their textured surface is a stimulus of calmer state of mind. Because sensory stickers are typically made of vinyl, they are water-resistant and will last for a long time. Water or hand sanitiser fluid won’t have any effect on the vinyl. When choosing sensory stickers, you should choose those with sharp details and vibrant colours.

Stress Balls- stress balls are useful for facilitating your concentration and focus when you feel anxious. Sensory stress balls can help to keep your mind focused, fidgety hands busy, and body relaxed. These are calming fidget tools can be stress-relieving in the classroom and office.

Noisy Fidgets- a combination of sensory sensation and auditory feedback may effectively alleviate your anxiety. Noisy fidgets work well to wake up and stimulate your senses. While using noisy fidgets, your mind will remain alert, as your fidgety fingers are making squishy and crunchy noises. During breaks or recesses in the office or classrooms, you will always be ready for the next session.

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