An industrial dust extraction system, in many industries, is vitally important. People who work in a commercial or industrial setting may create contaminants as part of their production process. This is often not intentional, but simply an occupational hazard associated with a particular industry. If contaminants are not dealt with swiftly and regularly, they can start to have a negative impact on your staff and your business. Today we are posing the question ‘’Should I invest in an industrial dust extraction system?’’. We are going to be exploring industrial dust extraction systems in greater detail to determine their realistic value to manufacturing companies.

Industrial Dust Extraction System: An Overview

When choosing your dust extraction system, you need to go with a company that cares about product quality. This is because the demands of a dust extraction system in a commercial setting are often high, and a system failure can have disastrous results for workflow. The team at Extractly offer exactly that with their complete bespoke dust extraction package. For more information, visit their website.

But why are industrial dust extraction systems so important? Not only does a functioning extraction system help to tackle contaminants in the workplace, but it helps to align a company with legal guidelines. Nowadays, more and more legislation is being made around the work environment. Air quality and conditions are being taken extremely seriously by organisations to provide the best environment for workers. This certainly makes sense, as there are a number of health complications which can arise from inhaling fumes or dust in the workplace.

Industrial Dust Extraction System: Is it Needed?

The answer to the above question will depend largely on the type of work environment you have. It may sound obvious, but an industrial dust extraction system is less important in, say, an office building. However if you work for a manufacturing company, a dust extraction system may not only be desirable but it may be completely necessary.

This is because more and more work is being done to make companies comply with workplace regulations. As more studies reveal the negative respiratory impacts of working around wood dust and welding fumes, it is important for companies to have a solution for eliminating contaminants. If wood dust is the main issue, an industrial dust extraction system provides that solution. Continue below where we outline why, exactly, an industrial dust extraction system is needed.

Comply with Regulations

By now you may have gathered that there are strict regulations around contaminated air. This is the best way to ensure workers are able to operate in a safe working environment. Not only can wood dust be irritating and impact productivity, but it can be extremely harmful to workers. Lung cancer and breathing difficulties have been associated with the continual inhalation of wood dust in the workplace. Naturally employers should strive to avoid this, but there are legal measures in place to guarantee it. An industrial extraction system, therefore, helps employers and workers comply with legal requirements and regulations. This ensures the smooth running of operations and keeps everyone safe.

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If you work to ensure the air is clean in your workplace, this will have a positive rippling effect on productivity and worker morale. An industrial workplace that is full of dust and contaminants not only makes it hard to perform tasks, but it creates an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous atmosphere. Workers that are uncomfortable and are unable to carry out their duties efficiently and correctly are unhappy workers. It is that simple. If you invest time, energy and money in creating a safe and comfortable working environment, productivity will rise and workers will be happier.


Not only will an industrial dust extraction system help to increase morale, but it will boost productivity hugely. It may come as a surprise to some people how much contaminants can wreak havoc in the workplace. Wood dust, for example, can impact worker efficiency and cause machinery faults. Workers that are exposed to wood dust are at risk of inhalation, which can be costly long term. It can also get inside machinery and cause it to fail. Not only does this increase the likelihood of downtime and interrupts workflow, but it may require you to spend time and resources fixing machines. Workplace air contaminants are a huge issue, so the introduction of an industrial dust extraction system is needed.

Product Quality

Depending on the type of manufacturing you do, dust and contaminants can begin to disrupt product quality. Dust can seep into products and contaminate them, especially if products are left in a warehouse for a longer period of time. In some industries, product contamination is the difference between products being manufactured and being destroyed. Moreover, product quality can have a huge impact on the public’s perception of your business and can, if left unresolved, start to destroy your chances of generating new business. 

Health and Safety

Health and safety is of the utmost importance in a manufacturing environment. If contaminants, dust and fumes are allowed to collect in the workplace, this presents a great health and safety risk. As discussed, not only can it be dangerous for workers but it introduces other challenges. The collection of dust, if not dealt with, poses a fire hazard, for example. Wood dust is very dry, so a simple, accidental spark or flame could have disastrous results.