The demand for mobile-friendly websites has recently increased as a result of the relentless flow of technology. This trend explains the rise of Progressive Web Application in the eCommerce industry, especially among Magento users. In the market, TigrenPWA has proven to be the pioneer among Magento PWA theme providers in offering this cutting-edge technology.

This article is to give you a review of Tigren’s PWA theme for Magento 2 and its cost in 2021.

What Is TigrenPWA Theme?

TigrenPWA theme is a PWA solution for converting Magento 2 websites to Magento PWAs. It is from Tigren – a professional company working on Magento website design and development.

TigrenPWA has been among the most common Magento 2 Progressive Web App themes. It is constantly upgraded not only to add new advanced features but also to give more options on storefront designs.

Why Do Merchants Choose TigrenPWA?

Tigren’s PWA theme for Magento is highly rated and recommended because of its advanced technology as well as innovative features and eye-catching design.

Advanced Technology

Similar to some of its competitors, TigrenPWA utilizes the technology of Magento 2 PWA Studio, React.JS, and GraphQL.

Magento 2 PWA Studio

Having a Magento 2 PWA Studio base, TigrenPWA adheres very strictly to the requirements of a standard Magento website. Moreover, the TigrenPWA theme will be synchronized with Magento 2 PWA Studio’s latest update. As a result, there are no more worries about compatibility between TigrenPWA and Magento websites.


It is a new tool for querying and manipulating data. GraphQL is regarded as an essential component of any PWA on Magento regardless of the program. Its layer handles all data transfers between the frontend and the backend of the website. Recently, there are plenty of opinions that it works faster and more effectively than REST which is often deemed the standard for creating web APIs.


As the most widely used open-source JavaScript library today, React.JS aids in the development of visually appealing web apps. This involves little effort and coding with the primary goal of creating User Interfaces (UI) that increase app speed. TigrenPWA deploys this technology to create a dynamic storefront for merchants’ sites.

Ultimate Features

PWA’s key functions

TigrenPWA template for Magento offers full core functions of a real Progressive Web App (push notification, offline mode, shortcut on the home screen, cross-platform, easy updates…) and provides a smooth and lightning page load.

Advanced functions

It distinguishes itself as a theme with many unique features. In which, improved layered navigation is one of the most useful. It provides functionalities such as multi-selection, pricing slider, search box, etc. Customers can use the multi-filter to apply many options at the same time. Meanwhile, the price slider allows them to select a certain price range within their budget.

This theme also includes other utilities such as live chat support, sharing & logging in using social accounts, or Google Tag Manager & Analytics integration.

The best part is that many of these functions are available and ready to use. Compared to other Magento PWA themes, this is more economical when the PWA does not need outer extensions to get similar features. It also means that merchants can get rid of the extra fee for making the extensions compatible with their PWA storefront.

Elegant Design

tigren magento 2 pwa theme

There is a fact that the TigrenPWA theme owns a library full of multi-purpose and exquisite storefront designs for both mobile and desktop versions. This is a whole different story with other Magento 2 PWA themes when they have only one design that sometimes is not engaging at all.

Furthermore, each design template in TigrenPWA’s library can be customized as much as you want to make sure it matches your site concept.

What Is More?

All of Tigren’s clients left positive feedback after using the company’s services. The support team is constantly on hand to answer any question before, during, and after the PWA development process.

By the same token, Tigren provides Magento migration service at a reasonable cost for customers who are using Magento 1 but want to move to Magento 2 with PWA integration.

How Much Does TigrenPWA Theme Cost?

Currently, the cost of converting a Magento website to a Progressive Web App by using the TigrenPWA theme is $1,499.

Although TigrenPWA is reasonably priced, its quality is equivalent to or even better than many other expensive themes in the market.

Its installation is also free of charge while other companies often charge their clients up to thousands of dollars for setup service.

Although there is a wide range of pre-existing Magento PWA themes to choose from, TigrenPWA is the one that is worth every penny. It has a lot to offer when it comes to creating a PWA site.